Release Notes

Feature and Functionality Roadmap

Below is a list of new features and functionalities we have in our queue and are working on by order of importance:

  • Connect
    • Personal profiles - COMPLETE
    • Privacy settings - COMPLETE
    • Connections between profiles - COMPLETE
    • Creating groups - COMPLETE
    • Invite friends
    • Company profiles
  • Blockchain Related
    • Create smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain - COMPLETE
    • Launch GLX Pre-Sale and Initial Coin Offering “ICO"
    • Create subscriptions / generate revenues
    • Create the ability to launch distributed nodes
  • Communicate
    • Mass email marketing automation - IN PROGRESS
    • Messenger - IN PROGRESS
  • Share
    • News feed / social wall - IN PROGRESS
    • Forums / message boards - IN PROGRESS
  • Access Information
    • Import directory data - IN PROGRESS
    • Search - IN PROGRESS
    • Notes
    • Add market data
    • Create a contributors network

To view and participate in our Future Features & Functionality Poll CLICK HERE.

Below is a list of major technologies, that GLX uses as an organization, that we have replaced with our own proprietary technologies:

  • eShares
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce

Below is a list of major technologies, that GLX uses as an organization, that we will soon replace with our own proprietary technologies:

  • Skype
  • Slack
  • G Suite / Google Apps - gmail and calendar
  • Yahoo Finance

Daily Release Updates

  • Update text for Email Invitatio To GLX.

  • Update on about page.
  • Added new GLX Cred Score.

  • Changed structure for articles pdf file name.
  • Reworked PDF Creation -styles.

  • Allow captcha when the user is loged inside of the GLX board.
  • Added functionality to remove and add user to Elasticsearch when user suspend and activate his account.

  • Group Menu Update #882
  • Remove about the GLX FOUNDATION from about page.
  • Fixed missing space when user fold up the left nav bar.
  • Add space between words on notifications.
  • Articles Date format unification.
  • Update style for articles menu.
  • Fixed multiple send of Twilio text messages for verification mobile phone.
  • Activate and Deactivate user account on suspended action.

  • Added migrations to update feed and feed rules for user posts and articles.
  • Updates about page.
  • Incorrect password message repetition correction
  • Updating images in page about

  • Fixed functions profile articles due to post unifications.
  • Fixed routes post and post articles to include group_id.
  • Delete advertising off page welcome
  • Update about page

  • Desktop Notifications Added Click Event.
  • Margin chat sides same space.
  • Notification links
  • Align article title
  • Redirect route to accept requests

  • Re Worked Article Menus / Options.
  • Article Landing Page Redirect.

  • Article Landing Page Improvements.
  • Updated format for member date ad last update user profile.

  • Open Articles / Press in new tab

  • Justify text on posts and reply comments.
  • Links requests corrected

  • Managing Articles / Press #814 Phase 2.

  • Implementation mouse over click issue #849.
  • Show Comments on notifications click issue #830.
  • Pixelated avatar correction.
  • Symbol @ added to tags.
  • Description in profile unverified

  • Sanitize Code for description field on user profile.
  • Fixed style for edit button in posts comment that is pulled outside of the container.
  • Convert URLs posted in comments to links issue #606.

  • Pixelated avatar correction on comments.
  • Sanitize and XSS prevetion for user publications.
  • Remove red magic line from ckeditor.
  • Added separator of thousand on followers, followings and connections.

  • Managing Articles / Press #814 Phase 1.
  • Repair view companies.
  • Group options update.
  • Validation only the owner can assign ownership of the group.
  • Implementation of logic to revoke an administrator.
  • Arrangement of align on general profile and external profile

  • Re worked select post fuctionality in order to display all the public post.
  • Re worked group menus issue #807.
  • Add space group admins text.
  • Change date format to article.
  • Remove the pager in notifications.
  • Repair view country.
  • Title bar style of posts
  • Validate administrator privacy in groups

  • Jump Right Into Group Chat issue #809.
  • Archive Group / Menu issue #810.
  • Web Profile Updates issue #821.
  • Button leave group update.
  • Group owner cannot to leave his group.
  • Privacy in group members
  • Route home, group menu on admin

  • Updated Home page counter to 2/1/2018.
  • Sign Up Update, Added Last name "optional" to initial populate.
  • Grant Admin Access From List Members Groups.
  • Fixed Broken words on reply comments issue #816.
  • Function promote to owner on groups.

  • Added functionality to search followings.

  • Added new option on user profile to list articles and allow the user to clone and remove an specific article.
  • Remove tags on bottom bar from ckeditor.
  • Allow user see all user post after create a connection.

  • Fixed information for GLX about page ICO.

  • Added new migration for update feed rules view.
  • Privacy list of users and administrators in groups

  • Removed redirect to glx-wallet from glx-vault.
  • Added underline decoration for links on articles.
  • Added small size ckeditor for articles creation.
  • Set user selected privacy post for articles on edit view.
  • Insert Image - Remove advanced tab from link (CKEditor) github issue #795.
  • CkEditor - Insert Image (Set target blank as default on link option) github #798.
  • Fixed suffix to profile.
  • Description of the arranged group

  • Misaligned time mark.
  • Web Profile Update.
  • Fixed load groups on external show, allowed groups whre the user is admin.
  • Fixed issue congratulations error github issue #766.
  • Fixed style for break word on message chat.

  • New group Order View github issue #750.
  • Removed desktop notifications when the chat is active.
  • Fixed right-message chat css.
  • Fixed redirect to create new article on groups board.
  • Fixed issue notifications update github issue #760.
  • Misaligned messages in chat github issue #768.
  • Added function to removed dot from titles articles.

  • Fixed link preview (horizontal scroll) on group chat.
  • Rollback validation for allow all user create new group inside of the group details.
  • Fixed privacy when user create article on groups, privacy allow is "group members only" and "public".
  • Rearranging “Following” View #762.
  • Fix vault styles github issue #761.
  • Capitalize and organize in alphabetical order on connection requests
  • Quick access requests

  • Fixed group desktop notifications.
  • Prepend contact after first item if have pending messages.
  • Fixed issue pushing desktop notifications when the user does not have an avatar.
  • Added top padding to chat time label.
  • Fixed firts chat message between new people connected.
  • Moved li element for create new group inside of owner group.
  • Redirect to admin requests

  • Update GLX Vault
  • Fixed Group Icon Aligment
  • Fixed Spelling Error
  • Fixed styles for chat time label.
  • Fixed chat sound.
  • Fixed broken jquery on show profile.

  • Changed chat time color from #CBD9B2 to #686868 (darker gray).
  • Center chat date label.

  • Fixed Message Indicators Format

  • Groups notifications requests

  • Notification bubbles in requests finished in groups board tabs

  • Validation correction for suffix box in profile.
  • Added ownership to company integrations.
  • Added groups chat desktop notifications.
  • Added public companies, private companies for directories.
  • Added timestamp to notifications view
  • Group list made as a grid
  • Added ability to leave a group from inside the group

  • Select with several suffix checkbox in profile.
  • Redirection fixed when the users have a connection in between.
  • GLX directories sugar sync.
  • Added posting placeholder when user uploads a file

  • GLX directories improvements.
  • Changed article's title position
  • Changed groups list view to 1 per row
  • Removed groups left list limit from 5 to unlimited
  • Partial notification bubbles in request options

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability from chat
  • Fixed aggroupation error in chat group messages
  • Added sender name with profile link in group chat messages
  • Group Join Request Sent
  • Implement new group structure

  • Added send notification email when an admin or the owner add a new member to a group.
  • Reworked migrations for directories services.

  • Fixed styles for extarnal profile tabs.
  • Added chat notification sound.
  • Added new model type for exchanges.
  • Added desktop notifications for users chats.
  • Fixed error on sending message and last message display on sidebar

  • Re worked service for companies on integration controller.
  • Added migration for types for exchanges.
  • Added messages loading by scrolling up in chat
  • Added group messages file upload

  • Fixed styles on user profile.
  • Initialized repo for directories update.
  • Added new sycn services to directories.
  • Added public view to articles
  • To Implement show more for comment posts

  • Create Post Box # of Characters Update

  • Fixed change group owner and admin invitation logic on external profile.
  • Fixed issue ddmin roles can remove owner of group #689.
  • Fixed styling issues in login and signup views
  • Removed json rendering from most views

  • Added service Search Group Members.
  • Fixed search service for add members on groups page.
  • Added validation for privacy fields mobile phone and email in group list view.
  • Chat Error Indicator Update.
  • Fixed word-break chat messages.

  • Added media query css for suffix of the profile.
  • Fixed #656, Truncate groups requests.
  • Added group candidates to group list view.
  • Added bubble notification to requests in the board

  • Added new options to group members list.
  • Added pagintaion to members list view (groups page).
  • Added mark as read ability to private message
  • Implemented group chat messages

  • Fixed #666, Group Email Notification.
  • Fixed styles for last time chat.
  • Added italic style to show less and show more on posts link.
  • Fix full_name on get connections for board.

  • Fixed user and group posting with carriage return.
  • Added search control on user followers view.
  • Added last time with "chat" on user following list board.

  • Fixed #650, Graphical error in B-Dday
  • Fixed #651, Align from line of posts container the posts tab
  • Fixed #653, The board container loses its form when the screen is resized
  • Added new feature show more for comments. #474

  • Fix it #648 Floating Vertically in the followers view (Followers Update)
  • Align text with check box on select2 accreditations.
  • Added border bottom solid to items on select2 user profile.
  • Change Profile Menu background blue to same color as Board Menu background.
  • Fixed styles for text area element on board and contact support.
  • Fixed render of enters on post with length larger that 500 digits.

  • Fixed issue privacy error in articles feature #638.
  • Added new logic to load posts using the new database view.
  • Added new parameters email, first name, last name and glx id to mini poll.

  • Floating Name Vertically in the connections view.
  • Updated Unclaimed View and added old unclaimed view to repository.
  • Added ajax pagination to notifications and comments on user board.
  • Added css class tab-scrollable to comments notifications.
  • The Send verification text function is now displayed when the number entered is new only.
  • Delete button correction for phones.
  • The Show button has been hidden for the welcome notification types and welcome back.

  • Fixed issue with xss in chat last message and attachments name.
  • Updated Privacy button for Articles.
  • Fixed issue with xss in groupsname search.
  • Fixed issue with xss in groups description after search.
  • Added Ajax Pagination over groups and people requests.

  • Removed horizontal lines from chat messages.
  • Fixed issue of bad creation of post on group tab board.

  • Removed padding bottom on chat messages.
  • Add horizontal lines to sticky chat date.
  • Removed post control from groups board on all groups option.
  • Fix #624 Connections update 2
  • Fix #628 Followers view update
  • Fix #629 Following View Update
  • Fix #634 Education update (Margin sizes)

  • Updated Connections View with new sizes.
  • Added functionality to filter feed post based on the privacy of each post and the connection between the users.

  • Update Home ICO Date , homepage Landing to 25 of December.
  • Fixed issue when user has two tabs open and layout is false.
  • Fixed multiple clicking on post comments issue #469.
  • Chat Box Date Divide Lines issue #593.
  • Fixed issue #624.

  • Added comments to article views in news feed and groups.
  • Fixed time counter for user online status.
  • Fixed unclosed div on articles post show.
  • Avatar gets small issue #614.

  • Fixed issue with gropus tabs, when the poll is loaded.
  • Update Home ICO Date , homepage Landing.
  • Updated Connections View.
  • Added all post privacy options for groups post and user post, user articles and group articles.
  • Added new option to revoke admin access.
  • Validation empty articles issue #389.

  • Fixed styles for Group posts.
  • Refactored Article presentation in news feed.
  • Added functionality to update post privacy to each user post.

  • Fixed issue with duplicated comments.
  • Remove the user name from left chat messages.
  • Added privacy option for user post.

  • Added online status for user connections in the board.
  • Added new option for group and all groups request.
  • Remove links for glx wallet.


  • Updated Styles for All Threads again.
  • Redirect correctly to login when user has no active session.
  • Fixed issue with user session has many tabs open in the site.
  • Fixed issue #470.
  • Fixed issue #510.
  • Hide search box on create and edit group privacy.
  • Added pagination to group requests issue #456.
  • Add image center button to article's editor issue #576.
  • Fixed issue with posting error #592.

  • Fixed route http interceptor.

  • Added http interceptor.
  • Updated Styles for All Threads.
  • Fixed styles on show groups.
  • Added function to add or remove arrow fold down on index connections.

  • Added Publications for External Profile.
  • Sharing Menu Update.
  • Fixed issue when the user creates articles and underline words.
  • Increase the font size for articles.
  • Privacy options change their position and style.
  • Implementation of privacy options in article details.
  • Date post change their format.
  • Fixed filter status for birthdays dates.
  • Like and Dislike pull a few pixels more to left the element.
  • Remove advanced tab from image properties CKEditor.

  • Updated Invite friends image.
  • Updated user dates for external profiles.
  • Refactored query to obtain the birthdays from connections.
  • Updated chat design.
  • Removed undefined variable trash button from web sites.
  • Re worked definitions for add user post likes and group post likes.
  • Added pagination in birthdays issue #530.
  • Added send mail for group request admin.

  • Refactored User Dates, Forbid and user to save more than one birthdate.
  • Fixed position of Addresses field (External profile).
  • Removed duplicated user birthdates.
  • Fixed issue #580.
  • Fixed issue #561.
  • Fixed issue #443.
  • Fix issue #586.
  • Fixed issue #459.

  • Added new functionality post likes (bull and bear).

  • When folding the menu it adjusts the main container to full width
  • Implemented tagging/mentioning in group posts
  • Added Garbage Cans for delete items in MyProfile/others.
  • Fixed issue with double posts comments.
  • Same size borders, between chat items and left menu border.
  • Added border to search box in the board left area.

  • Added sync job to dinamically update the poll statistics from sugar crm.
  • Refactored styles and javascript for requests tab
  • Added validation for unique mobile phone profile view.

  • Added chat notification when you are chatting with a user but other sends a message to you
  • Fixed typo in companies directory page
  • Added unique mobile # verification
  • Fixed visual bug in chat input textbox
  • Added mobile phone # auto formatting
  • Added board notification and email trigger when someone comments on your group post
  • Implemented comments in group posts
  • Added preview message when you send a chat message to another user
  • Improved chat message loading
  • When you enter your chat it will open in your first contact chat window
  • Allowed apostrophes on autocomplete search boxes
  • Removed Degree label in user profile
  • Changed avatars image size for chat
  • Added chat header link to user profile
  • Added blubble chat pending message counter to each contact
  • Implemented mark as read on chat reading
  • Chat will autoscroll down when new message is sent
  • Added fold down arrow and fold up arrow to connection index.
  • Added feature poll for every empty tab.
  • Feed post view implemented.
  • Garbage Cans, in My Profile/Web Profile.

  • Fixed issue with groups members connections.
  • Fixed style align bubble notification on chats.
  • Added custom format heading for ckeditor text paragraph.
  • Fixed config ckeditor.

  • Fixed verify mobil issue.

  • Fixed issue when searching using the apostrophe character.
  • Added scaping apostrophe on search by user name controller.
  • Added notifcation bubble if user is connected or no, when filter active users on groups.
  • Added profile highlight after using search component.
  • Added trash can to messengers and crypto address.
  • fixed issue when many messages got to the user.

  • Added improvement styles to birthdays view.
  • Fixed githib issue #526.
  • Fixed githib issue #525.
  • handle io connecton with env variable, added notification bubble for unread messages.
  • Added notification counter every time the user receives a message.

  • Fix styles for group avatars.

  • Fixed github issue #520 (Validate if the user already has sent a connection request).
  • Fixed github issue undefined method `user_id' for nil:NilClass (Leave Groups) #495.

  • Added new filter dropdown to group members.

  • Fixed media queries for landin page modal GLX Coin.
  • Fixed github issue #521
  • Fixed issue with text editor size.
  • Added message "User is not active" and "invite User" for unclaimmed users in the unclaimmed user profile.

  • Re worked mini poll styles for stats.
  • Fixed mail content to following user.
  • System must alllow to search by email fixed issue #513
  • Redirect to request on user connection email.
  • After Delete and Suspend account, root to the correspond view.

  • Fixed ajax validations for new mini poll.
  • Added new validation to groups, when the owner or admin wants to add a new member and also the group is private or secret, the system validate if there is an active request pending of that user.
  • Added inline grid to stats table.
  • Updated user mailer following template.
  • Added bubble notification with color code to each group member in a group, with tooltip.

  • Re order items tab user profile.
  • Added new mini poll view, styles, ajax call and rails migration.
  • Added import poll from sugar crm functionality on integrations controller.
  • Fixed issue mini poll with sign in.
  • Added conditions to show initial board message.
  • Added styles for birthdates dropdown.
  • Fixed issue with chat url opening.

  • Removed link to glx-dollar page.
  • Update information on About page.
  • Updated External Profile dropdown buttons.

  • Added class fa-fw icon to follow - un follow options on connected dropdown external profile.
  • Linkeable send verification text.
  • Removed a link on verification code.
  • Added new migration for poll options.
  • Added all the new menu to index groups, using the user roles.
  • Remove phone colum from Group member list.
  • Change welcome text when user Sign up.
  • Added underline decoration for send verification email and code labels.
  • Updated New Favicons logos.
  • Fixed issue with notification bubble in firefox.

  • Updated Contact Support View.
  • Updated date for ICO Modal.
  • Added new Favicon for user notifications.

  • When the user has no more request access to groups, then the "no more requests" message is displayed.
  • Added new tooltips for posts, comments, groups, invitations, members (full timestamp) on mouse hover.
  • Loaded partial view notifications and chat on url input using hash tag (#chat and #notifications).
  • Updated verification message for mobile phone.
  • Added content to right container.
  • Added initial banner.
  • Update Favicon when there is a notification, update board icon when there is a notification, update notification tab when there is a notification. Fixed issue with post path in notification.
  • Fixed groups search to fetch results with autocomplete.

  • Added new option to follow all member of one group.
  • Added hash tag tab positioning for (#chat and #notifications).
  • Added trash button to phone numbers on users profile.
  • Fixed loop for followers message.
  • Fixed issue with dropdwons with group members.
  • Fixed issue with change form name in profile view.
  • Fixed automatic log out issues, that prevented users to log out after defined time passed.
  • Added connect with all functionality.

  • Added function time_ago_in_words to group invitations, group members and group request to display in word the time since users are members or invitations are pendings.
  • Added after and before arrow to dropdown user posts and group posts.
  • Resized avatar images in connections, followings and followers view.
  • Fixed issue with date display in profile view.
  • Added an space after the comma in the suffix.
  • Removed initial | on connection titles display.
  • Added ability to Log Out after parametrized minutes on profile.

  • Fixed issue of position for group privacy popovers.
  • Added after and before arrow to dropdown menu.
  • Updated title for privacy groups popovers.
  • Removed caret down in options dropdown.
  • Changed order for the las options in profie view and external profile view.
  • Fixed ability to add spaces on posts.
  • Fixed unusual redirection whenever you search entities on the system.
  • Disabled special characters for search terms.

  • The group name is truncated now to 18 digits.
  • Re worked tooltips on groups privacy option, added new custom popovers.
  • Added watermark to owner of the group on group admins tab on groups view.
  • Improvement responsive for company connections on user profile.
  • Fixed width on groups and connection search bar from 100% to 50%
  • Added new option to create new group inside of one group.
  • Removed unneeded cursor pointer from help circle in edit and create group.
  • Fixed size for avatar image in requests view.
  • Refactored requests styles view.
  • New tab design in the board.
  • Refactor logic to find archived and active groups for an user.
  • New Design for Profile View.
  • New Design for External Profile view
  • Added missing profile link on groups list.
  • Added missing mailto to members emails.
  • Added toggle view in groups.
  • Added validation to highlight green selected paths on left navbar.

  • Added new group badges.
  • Improvement to group search functionality.
  • Fixed styles for group list.
  • Added archived group selected with group posts.
  • Added new function to activate group once is archived.
  • Implemented the ability to tag users on posts.

  • Fixed padding on connection request view.
  • Re worked tooltip for menu options, only appear on group names with length larger that 14.
  • Added new plus button on groups add members.
  • Added space at the end of the placeholder on search members control.
  • Re worked actions options on connections, group members and index groups. This improves the responsive of the page.
  • Added new functionality to search groups on index groups.
  • Added archived groups view.
  • Added function for archived groups.
  • Added view for archive group.
  • Added tags/mentions FE.
  • Added autocomplere search for mentions.

  • Search group service component updated, now the componenta allow to search all active user on database with name and email.
  • Fixed order elements dropdown on connections view.
  • Added place holder to members group search.
  • Added new view called group user invitations.
  • Updated styles for confirm edition buttons in posts and comments.
  • Added new dropdown for actions in user posts.
  • Added new dropdown for actions in group posts, Updates confirm buttons in groups.
  • Updated Log In History title in profile.
  • Added dropdown action button in groups index for admin.
  • Added home options in groups view.

  • Only active users can be searched
  • Added new option for delete a group from show group.
  • Improvement styles for edit and create groups view.
  • Added popup modal for user confirmation on delete groups.
  • Updated color for confirm button in profile view.
  • Disbaled SSL on elastic services.
  • Added ability to change roles in groups.

  • Fixed issue with spaces in user name.
  • Added feature poll in every empty tab.
  • Added individual scrolling for every object in the board view.
  • Changed texts for welcome email.
  • Aligned ME options.

  • Refactor code for user emails, fixed issue when user selects new main email.

  • Fixed issue with XSS when user edits a comment.

  • Send verification message for mobile phone.
  • Reset verification code when user changes mobile phone number.
  • Refreshed comments counter when a comment is created or deleted.
  • Enable send comment with Enter key.
  • Fixed jump to top when user clicks show more in posts.
  • Fixed show more post issue in groups.
  • Added validation to avoid the creation of duplicate connection when both memebers sent each other requests.

  • Added user name to the comment.
  • Fixed xss issues with comment section.
  • Fixed length style issue with comments

  • Finished comment edition designs and styles.
  • Finish delete comment implementation.
  • Added security to comments endpoints.
  • Added comments count to post info.
  • Added focus when user clicks comments count.
  • Added different presentations for secret, private and public groups.
  • Added ability to invite non users to groups.

  • Edit comment functionality.
  • Added members count.
  • Added edit and destroy group only for admin.
  • Reworked group presentation only for admin.

  • Get and Create users post comments.
  • Added member logic to display groups controls.
  • Added group request route and logic.
  • Added accept and decline request behavior.
  • Added comments actions.

  • Fixed issue top 5 groups user.
  • Fixed issue #433.
  • New default group avatar image.
  • Added groups components display accroding to role.
  • Added request access action.

  • New functionality to send invitations to join to group, if the group is private the app send an email to allow the user join to the group, the user can accept or decline the invitation.
  • Added group request models.
  • Added group request functionality.
  • Reworked some searches in order to imporve performance.

  • Allowed paste in preview links for Mac.
  • Added functionality for change group's name in palce.
  • Added ability to change group cover and group avatar.
  • Added group default covers.
  • Fixed full contact importation to elastic search.

  • Removed options from left navbar.
  • Re worked group bar for name group, icon and members.
  • Update HTML email template for group invitation.
  • Added links metadata preview for groups post.
  • Added group search in site search.

  • Added Request view in Board.
  • Added functionality to add articles to groups posts wall.
  • Added group privacy (Secret, Private, Public).

  • Added preview link before posting.
  • Allowed paste for link preview.
  • Added new tabs to the Board, request tabs loaded via ajax.
  • Fixed issue #394 and #395.
  • Change the default background cover for groups.
  • Added new partial view members group to list and remove members from group.
  • Added dates tutorial video.
  • Cleansed profile view in order loading times.

  • Added new style classes for profile privacy.
  • Added classes for close links preview.
  • Updated Board styles.
  • New profile group view.
  • Search member, added link to allow the user connect with the user if he wants to add him to a group.
  • Added board options.
  • Updated emails texts.
  • Added default covers for groups.

  • Updated IDO modal date.
  • Updated The Board icon.
  • Added new video to Video tutorials page.
  • Added default group avatar.
  • <

  • New styles for The Board view.
  • Added new privacy status for articles.
  • Initial implemetation for links preview.
  • Added avatar and cover to groups.
  • Fixed default cover group.
  • Added reduce request counter whenever accepting or delining one.
  • Added group visualization for members.

  • Added privacy options to login history.
  • Added single privacy entities to allow connections and followers.
  • Added safe cases whenever assigning privacies.
  • Reworked privacy presentation.

  • Implemented new Board design.
  • Updated Label from News Feed to The Board.
  • List the contacts in the left side bar.
  • Added functionality to search any contact in the search bar.
  • Added validation in case an user does not has a profile url.
  • Added kill all sessions method in login history.
  • Added privacy options to entities.
  • Added followers and connections icons.
  • Reworked one to many privacy to allow connections and followers.

  • Removed underline from article time label.
  • Updated Label from News Feed to The Board.
  • CSS syte style improvements.
  • Fixed company params in export method.

  • Added timezone in personal profile.
  • Articles now shows the creation time according to the user timezone.
  • Added invitation to join to GLX to an unclaimed profile.
  • Added company serialization method.
  • Added missing school fields.
  • Added company importation method.

  • Updated Article creation view.
  • Updated Article view.
  • Updated IDO date in landing page.
  • Plus add button changed from blue to green.

  • Updated Invite Friends View.
  • Added GLX COIN logo in invite friends view.
  • Updated Videotutorials.
  • Added Maxlength validation for company connections in Frontend.
  • Fixed issues #387, #386, #388 and #384.
  • Text improvements to modal add user to group.
  • Fixed errbit error with date publications (invalid date).
  • Fixed format date for on update user publications.

  • Added validation to prevent submit many post clicking the post button many times.
  • Added validation to prevent submit many articles clicking the submit button many times.
  • Added new validation to prevent submit empty articles.
  • Added new functionality to join connections to groups.
  • Fixed validation length bitcoin crypto address.
  • Fixed checked radio buttons on crypto addresses and user messengers.
  • Fixed main messengers main selector.
  • Added group invitation email.

  • Added new captcha for SignUp.
  • Updated Subscription Plan Terms.

  • Front end step one group invitation
  • Added logic to verify if an invitation is already sent.

  • Added new images for GLX coin in right and left navbar.
  • Fixed margin on glx stats view.
  • Fixed aligment groups header.
  • Added standar validation to crypto addresses accounts.
  • Added invite to group functionality.

  • Change functionality for only year options in user dates.
  • New Text Editor implementation for Article creation.
  • Added "Personal profile login history" video tutorial.
  • Fixed style margin on header titles "all pages".
  • Fixed search to correctly find composed names.
  • Added group candidates.

  • Added new ajax search connections functionality to create and edit groups.
  • External profile degrees fixed issue #364.
  • Fixed doctor patient realtion for person types.

  • Added feature to open links in articles in a new tab.
  • Changed style to display name and date in article view.
  • Updated links and text for GLX dollar in navbars.
  • Updated Invite Friends View.
  • Fixed various graphical bugs.

  • Added Pagination for Connections.
  • Updated Video tutorials.
  • Added new ajax function to re-order publications on create or edit by date (newest to oldest).
  • Renamed text "Add to groups" to "Add to group" on external user page.
  • Added login history privacy.

  • Refactor user dates to display privacy.
  • Added acronym in school degrees display.
  • Added new functionality to allow group owners add user through external profile view.
  • Fixed issue on edit user groups controller.
  • Fixed underline text decoration to addresses links.
  • Added new video tutorials.
  • Added login history for user.

  • Fixed issue with ajax and modal backdrop when an user deletes the last post.
  • Fixed typo Crunch Base to Crunchbase.
  • Added improvements to messenger sections.
  • Fixed link attribute href on messenger's list.
  • Added new helper text to phones popover helper.
  • Added validation to change_one_to_many_privacy method entity user id should be the same as currente user id.
  • Added server side session check.
  • Added owner highlight in group.

  • Added style to display edit buttons better.
  • Added tooltips to buttons edit and delete post.
  • Delete User posts implementation.
  • Added validation to avoid nil elastic fields bug.
  • Fixed issue #343, #317.

  • Edit User posts implementation.
  • Fixed bug where some elastic fields would go null.
  • Added SMTP parameters.

  • Restrict special characters in add messenger field.
  • Render links and open it in a new tab in user posts.
  • Added new .env property to ssl validation.
  • Responsive improvements to GLX invite friends page.

  • Updated Video Tutorials.
  • Fixed XSS Issues in Search view.
  • Fixed issue with password length.
  • Added dot in url profile regex.
  • Added ascending results for crm search.
  • Re-worked left menu bar to align vertically all the icons.
  • Reduce min characters to show on groups left bar.
  • Style improvements to user publications popover helper.
  • Fixed issue #341, #322.

  • Added validation for user websites limit length.
  • Added validation for user publications length name.
  • Added validation for user messengers limit length.
  • Added validation for user crypto addresses limit length.
  • Limit character number in user name.
  • Added check api key for missing services.
  • Added skip callbacks method on elasticsearch load.
  • Added user stop clause on user posts.
  • Added sidekiq http authenthication to access monitor.
  • Fixed github issue #316, #317, #319 and #321.
  • User publication dates, user can not select a date bigger than the actual date.
  • Added switch to enable and disable HTTPS on site.

  • Added https use on services.
  • Closed github issue #318, #327, #325, #263 and #329.
  • Fixed format date for user publications.
  • Added owner group as group member.
  • Responsive improvements on user publications.
  • Added elastic search specification indexes.

  • Fixed issue with XSS in addresses fields.
  • Added security for CRM and social communication.
  • Added claim profile button conditions.
  • Fixed claim profile process.
  • Added new functionality user publications.

  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for company connection.
  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for profile url.
  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for web addresses.
  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for crypto addresses.
  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for custom dates.
  • Added XSS validations in frontend side for web messengers.
  • Added elasticsearch claim profile searches.
  • Added will paginate to followers, followings and groups.
  • Links "coming soon 1 and 2" now redirects to feature poll.

  • Added Validation for Blank content in article creation.
  • Fixed row styles in news feed view.
  • Fixed post visibility to system visibility.
  • Added initial populate whenever the user signs in first.
  • Updated elasticsearch with user expanded fields.
  • Handle exception on broken links groups.
  • Fixed issue on sign up step two, changed current_user to user.
  • Updated elastic search fields for CRM.

  • Articles integration and code refactor.
  • Fixed issues with bad render and functionality on IE9 - IE10 and IE11.
  • Rounded image for posts.
  • Catch Error when user introduces invalid article id in url.
  • Fixed user date privacy.
  • Added elastic search unclaimed contacts.
  • Fixed geneder privacy.
  • Removed initial sign in when signing up. Initial populate redirect.
  • Updated elastic search field for post and users.

  • Refactor User Dates functionality.
  • Fixed description issue when description is blank.
  • Remove text-decoration "underline" from text on vault page. links looks now not clickables.
  • Added new functionality to import and export crypto addresses types.
  • Reworked show profile method.

  • Added show more button to user posts when content is too long.
  • Removed sections from search results which had no data.
  • Implemented a field that stores the last password change date.
  • Added support to recover account after suspending it by logging in.
  • Fixed http redirection to https in alpha environment.
  • Fixed GLX vault whenver the user doesn't have options or dollars, the user is propmpted to the vault to a 0 dollars chart.
  • Reworked connections mechanism have a single action to not confuse the user with connection types selection, the connection is declined whenever all the titles are declined else is created with the selected titles.
  • Added glx default user icon in svg.
  • Added description text wrap to next line.
  • Group description is displayed correctly.
  • Name does not overflow in the followers page anymore.
  • Name does not overflow in the Following list anymore.
  • GLX profile is redirecting to user profile.
  • Updated IDO timer.
  • Added show currency detail view.
  • Responsive issues with buttons on groups list.
  • Fixed responsive user profile flag displaced.
  • Added addresses types and messenger types to crm user presenter.
  • Fixed responsive issues with index groups.
  • Added new currency detail view.
  • Added 0 dollars case whenever the vault is not available.

  • Increased height for textare in articles creation.
  • Added preview link feature for user articles in news feed.
  • Sanitize Articles view.
  • Fixed issue with XSS in descripton field.
  • Added region and subregion missing in external profile.
  • Corrected phones presentation in external profile.

  • Fixed error when a word is too large in posts view.
  • Remove category from groups.
  • Fixed routing to redirect the user to post path after user login and user signup.
  • Added companies path for companies option.
  • Added s3 protocols to https.

  • Added new view for Article.
  • Re worked styles for directories page.
  • Added initial GLX dollars handled by social.
  • Added elastic services to syncronize users.

  • Added new view for Article Creation.
  • Added title and privacy to article creation.

  • Updated GLX Dollar message.
  • Adjusted styles for user information that is not a link or action.
  • Updated Date for IDO in landing page.

  • Fixed issue to remove text "Select your degree" when is not your profile.
  • Fixed issue with description display.

  • Fixed error when user was loged in and was redirected to sign up in directories view.
  • Added link to visit profile user after clicks in avatar image in news feed section.
  • Updated Styles for posts.
  • Updated styles for contact / support view.

  • Fixed issue block pop up new window when user is redirect to GLX wallet.
  • Updated styles for posts creation and view.

  • First Implementation for posts in Home view.

  • Improvement user addresses component, sinc user addreses types from sugar.
  • Remove home, messages and request from left bar menu, added new news feed.
  • Improvement to GLX vault - Class A Xs - GLX Wallet.
  • Improvements to index connections, float elements to center.
  • Added extra fields in Bug Reporter for Screenshot implementation and bug line.

  • Added function to open GLX wallet in a new tab after clicked in menu.
  • Added a link to GLX wallet in the GLX vault.
  • Adjusted space distribution for Bug Report.
  • Adjusted space distribution for Contact Support image.
  • Updated description for Contact Support form.
  • Updated message for Bug Report view.

  • Fixed responsive styles for web sites component.
  • Changed css property position from sticky to relative on navbar items menu due to bad render on some explorers firefox and safari issue #262
  • Added lenght validations for inputs in User Addresses.

  • Added horizontal divisions to messengers and crypto addresses.
  • Added lenght validations for inputs in User Dates.
  • Added lenght validations for inputs in Contact Support form.

  • Fixed issue #251, added sessionStorage to keep the old content on edit job title company connections.
  • Fixed compatibility style search bar in microsoft edge issue #254 github.
  • Fixed bad behavior on forgot password with wrong email format issue #249 github.
  • Refactor styles for User emails and GLX profile Url.
  • Added functionality to redirect to user profile when the GLX Profile Url is clicked.
  • Fixed issue with long description display.
  • Fixed issue when user hit enter in glx profile edit.

  • Improvements of responsive to GLX profile.
  • Fixed issue #257 github, horizontal division creates an horizontal scroll bar on firefox.
  • Added Bug Reporter view.

  • Fixed spelling Blochchain to Blockchain.
  • Re worked "main" functionality for messengers and crypto addresses.
  • Updated Styles for Contact Support view.

  • Removed listener function from contact support page to allow the correct validation on the submit validation.
  • Fixed issue #242 from github, the component was not displaying the correct data when the user cancel the action.
  • Added bootstrap classes to contact details page to improve the responsive of the tab.
  • Fixed margin for polls view title.
  • Refactored Contact Support view.
  • Removed resize control in contact/support textarea.
  • Implemented external profile view.

  • Fixed issue #219 from github, added hide function to tooltips, cause there were not working good on firefox.
  • Improvement to google's api call on addresses section cause the page was displaying a Jquery error when the page is loading.
  • Created external profile view.

  • Added new min-width of 480px to all the page.
  • Added new function to collapse or uncollapse the left navbar when the user is loged in. the function works with the screen size.
  • Added media query to responsive company connections, added bootstrap styles to allow better responsive on overview tab.
  • Added form submit validation on contact support page to prevent the sent of the data if something is missing.
  • Added validation to company connections to only accept certain numbers of letters.
  • Added validation to messengers to only accept certain numbers of letters.
  • Added validation to web profiles to only accept certain numbers of letters.
  • Fixed issue for small screens in the IDO modal.
  • Fixed issue for small screens in the one to many selection modals.
  • Added user service status service additional field.

  • Re worked stats, moved to partial view and added some improvements to solve issues with firefox responsive.
  • Added validation to GLX Profile to only accept 10 letters max.
  • Fixed issue for small screens and GLX Profile.
  • Added User Status service.

  • Added validation on phone numbers section, to allow only numbers or spaces.
  • New method from device is overwritten to solve issue reporten on errbit "undefined method (new_user_registration_path)".
  • Updated About page message.
  • Fixed typo in initial populate.

  • Added validations for required fields on polls views.
  • Disable resize property for text area on polls views.
  • Fixed text "Not Follow" to "Unfollow".
  • Fixed issue with one to many modal search.
  • FIxed height for numbers in IDO modal.
  • Added Validation to uploaded images for cover and avatar.
  • Updated date and media queries for IDO Modal.

  • Fixed style in left collapsable menu.
  • Fixed bug with disable button when address is removed.
  • Adjusted styles for account settings, pencil options.
  • Added validation for GLX Profile, to forbid users to enter only numbers.
  • Added cursor pointer for every 'one to many' select in profile.

  • Re worked alignment for dropdown menu application view.
  • Fixed issue due to email refactor, when user selects a new main email.
  • Fixed token testing methods to receive larger bodies.

  • Regrouped the footer in landing page and left menu.
  • Fixed reset password bug that allowed unsafe passwords.
  • Fixed redirection when reset password path does not exist.
  • Fixed address presentation.
  • Removed unused entitites Cities, States and Counties replaced by Google Maps services.

  • Fixed HTML and CSS structure for dropdown menu follow - unfollow due to bad render on firefox explorer.
  • Added media query to adjust the width of the label for company connections depending of the screen size.
  • Added new css property to render font weight normal on popovers content, only for safari.
  • Fixed HTML and CSS structure dropdown menu privacy for user emails due to bad render on firefox explorer.
  • Removed empty space after accreditation selected.
  • Changed size for IDO modal and negative numbers.
  • Fixed bug for accreditations selection when is empty.
  • Fixed search bar issue.

  • Fixed HTML and CSS structure for dropdown menu navbar due to bad render on firefox explorer.
  • Fixed HTML and CSS structure for dropdowm menu privacy due to bad render on firefox.
  • Add crypto addresess to user presenter.

  • Fixed bug with not verified user email.
  • Added missing entities in directories view.
  • Re worked address functionality, implemented google maps API.
  • Fixed font size on tittle help popover crypto addresess.

  • Prevent click to redirect to sign up after close IDO modal.
  • Added currencies listing.
  • Added exchanges listing.
  • Fixed forgot password bug.
  • Improvementes google api autocomplete addresses.

  • Updated dropdown tab in profile view.
  • Aligned GLX Profile with websites.
  • Aligned Account settings messages and options.
  • Added currencies model for CRM integration.
  • Added exchanges model for CRM integration.
  • Added google maps api search for user addresses section.
  • Fixed help pop ups content and animation on contact detail.

  • Added privacy to user emails.
  • Refactor User Dates implementation.
  • Added connections views.
  • Added connections actions.
  • Added delete connection endpoint.

  • Updated message and styles in account settings.
  • Added new nickname in full name profile.
  • Added follower list.
  • Added following list.
  • Added help buttons to contact details and popover message to crypto addresses.

  • Updated nickname to profile_url.
  • Updated glx vault class b dollar message.
  • Fixed bug where user was able to follow himself.
  • Added new section crypto addresses.

  • Added nickname privacy.
  • Changed profile to person.

  • Added GLX Profile edition in web tab.
  • Added new coming soon tab with dropdown.
  • Updated link in subscription plans.
  • Added congratulations email on birthdate and anniversary.
  • Added email scheduler for dates.
  • Align company connections with user description tab overview.

  • Updated IDO modal in landing page.
  • Updated messages in vault view.
  • Added follower options in the FE.
  • Added collapse navbar with no animation.
  • Added new functionality user messengers.
  • Fixed font size on GLX invite and GLX claim buttons.

  • Fixed styles for icon on suspend and delete account, account page settings.
  • Added new page for subscriptions and plans.
  • Added new buttons for stock options view
  • Added follower actions.

  • Added new enhancement, all the privacy icons display now a tooltip.
  • Added new user column and validation on the initial populate page, it must send only one welcome mail.
  • Fixed design styles on request users page.
  • Updated About Page.
  • Added counterparty to connections.

  • Fixed style for country dropdown on initial populate in order to display more countries before the user can scroll down.
  • Hide options on nav bar when the page is reduced.
  • Re worked functionality delete account, if the user wants to delete an account, first is redirected to a poll, answer some questions and then must confirm that really he wants to delete the account.
  • Fixed styles on address section, the type of address is not now seen as a link.
  • Added functionality to return first name, last name and email on contact support page if the user is signed in.
  • Added tabs to glx vault view.
  • Fixed search for special characters and blank spaces in main search bar.

  • Added new section schools in the result search.
  • Removed personalized style for select2 dropdown in order to remove scrollbar when the user open the list for the dropdown.
  • Removed bubble notification from messages icon.
  • Added validation to requests notifications to show or hide if the requests are bigger that 0 (zero).
  • Updated link in dual boxes.
  • Added REST documentation to projects endpoints.

  • Added region and sub region to the GLX city model and also to the address section on the user profile.
  • When the user search for other user with status unverified, the page will display a red button "unverified".
  • Added first name as mandatory on initial populate.
  • Added validation to type of web site.
  • Open companies and schools on a new explorer window.
  • Fixed upload images error when images were very tall for cover and avatar.
  • Added validation when user tries to upload images bigger than 2 MB.
  • Added tooltip to gender selection.

  • Fixed user tab on profile page, when the user search for someone else profile, overview tab is selected by default.
  • Updated column dollar details and # of dollar on GLX vault page, it changes the symbol $ by X.
  • Update image for glx dollar icon in glx dollar view.
  • Improved session differentiating between json and html requests.

  • Fixed glx welcome email styles.
  • Updated GlX dollar page with new dates and adding docs of glx dollar.
  • Fixed half margin top help text glx vault.
  • Added feature to resend email verification for user emails.
  • Added target blank to schools target.
  • Added back navigation arrow in stock and options detail.

  • Fixed invite friend button sizing.
  • Fixed width dropdown countries on initial populate.
  • Added verification to send email verification.
  • Hidden select options in one to many selectors for other users.
  • Websites types dropdown ordered alphabetically.
  • Added redirect to profile when no connection requests available.
  • Adjusted email verification display.
  • Added help text at bottom on glx vault page.

  • Added new functionality to generate the stocks certificates.
  • Changed 'view cert' button padding and capitals.
  • Fixed bug when missing connection types.
  • Added functionality to replicate sugar_id in social database.
  • Fixed eg format number popover.
  • Fixed format and validation for dominican republic phone numbers.
  • Added welcome email template and action.
  • Added service for user update when initial populated his profile.
  • Fixed width dropdown countries on initial populate.
  • Added validation fo user email.
  • Added fade to remain tabs.
  • Updated connection modal.
  • Update GLX stats in welcome view.

  • Removed validation has glx_vault from nav bar and application bar.
  • Changed messages to set pasword.
  • Fixed width image milla de oro contact support.
  • Fixed bugs on web sites profiles.
  • Removed arrows from columns sorting.
  • Added validation fo user email.
  • Added fade to remain tabs.
  • Updated connection modal.
  • Fixed horizontal blue line.
  • Added JWT integration to social.
  • Added GLX welcome email.

  • Added degree Label for school degrees.
  • Fixed styles contact support page.
  • Added new section contact support details ubication.
  • Updated inivtation to glx email.
  • Added assets compile in production.
  • Add blue footer line in every tab.

  • Fixed bugs on web sites profiles.
  • Fixed width dropdown countries on initial populate.
  • Fixed width style for video tutorials page.
  • Added feature to resend email verification for user emails.
  • Update GLX stats in welcome view.

  • Fixed spaces with addresses format.
  • Fixed bug in tabs panel.
  • Added validations when user is going to select a degree for schools.

  • Finish implementation for select school degrees for user schools.
  • Added new functionality detail for stocks and options holders in GLX vault.

  • Added the ability to select the connections type you desire on connection request.
  • Select school degrees for user schools.
  • Re worked view format for addresses.
  • Fixed bug for show total in GLX vault when the user filter the table.

  • Added connections acept and decline functionality.
  • Added request count and notification.
  • Added width to select2 dropdown for salutations and suffix.
  • Decrease the font size for select 2 dropdown.
  • Remove street2 from require fields in addresse.

  • Added requests view.
  • Added connection modal.
  • Added requests option in page layout.
  • Fixed media query to align GLX verified icon.
  • Fixed spacing and styles in all pop up modal windows.
  • Fixed style main radio button on web sites section.
  • GLX profile was removed from web sites, instead slack channel was added.
  • Added totals to GLX vault page.

  • Added first name field to initial populate view.
  • Added school degree structure and sugar integration.
  • Starting new feature schools degrees.

  • Added send invitation to GLX functionality.

  • Adjusted selection color for tabs.
  • Added more entries for companies.
  • Added more lines for description display.
  • Change hover for rows and fixed typo.

  • Fixed bug with cover photos.
  • Added connections models.
  • Added connections logic functionality.
  • Added connection statuses.
  • Tabs implementation in profile view.
  • Change colors for tabs to primary colors.

  • Fixed bug with cover photos.
  • Fixed bug with dates editing, added validation for dates ammount.
  • Added section lines for email addresses.

  • Added chevron arrows.
  • Reworked main email fetch mechanism.
  • Added custom error 500.
  • Added custom error 404.
  • Fix cropper image in modal.
  • Added select2 style for every select box.
  • Fix some wrong behaviours for companies and schools show more and less.

  • Added video tutorials section.
  • Fixed stock information tables width.
  • Added profile connections feature.
  • Reworked sing uo text.
  • Added type of person order ascending.
  • Corrected left navbar paths and icons.
  • Refactored various paths and routes.
  • Added shake validations for user dates.
  • Update policies and links from footer.
  • Align columns table in vault view.
  • Fix display for tall cover images.

  • Added privacy to user websites section.
  • Fixed attribute href in schools section.
  • Added privacy to otm entities.
  • Added privacy settings for description and schools.

  • Change date format in add date functionality.
  • Renamed rails method get_dial_code by get_full_phone.
  • Added placeholder "Select All That Apply" for all dropdown's.
  • Added select2 for all dropdown's in user web sites.
  • Added privacy to company connectios.
  • Validated fields for languages and finra licenses privacy.
  • Added privacy to Finra Licenses.
  • Added privacy to languages.
  • Re-worked section user web sites, to allow enter site type and primary web site.
  • Fixed bug where main email would stay selected even if there if the modal was dismissed.
  • Added privacy names.
  • Fixed privacy bug names in profile.
  • Cleaned up unused code.
  • Enhanced verify email text.
  • Add privacy mark up for all user information in profile view.
  • Sign in with any verified email.
  • Added verify email while logged in.
  • Added verify email while not logged in to require password.
  • Add datatables for glx vault.
  • Fixed format and validation phone number's.
  • FINRA licences and CRD number moved to his own section.
  • Added brake enter in poll's feature.
  • Added email taken handle error when adding email.
  • Reworked email verification to require password.
  • Added verify email logged in and not logged in functionality.
  • Fix cardenal number date, add new image for glx dollar page.
  • Center GLX dollar image.
  • Change message from feature poll.
  • Fixed styles GLX vault page.
  • Fixed release notes format.
  • Added thank you enhanced text
  • Changed all thanks timers to 15 seconds.
  • Added GLX vault missing padding.
  • GLX Vault for only user with shares.
  • Sign in with any verified email.
  • The break line is saving in the description.
  • You can select your main email.
  • Aligned the contact support on the left with the content.
  • CRD# 2 - 8 only number validation.
  • FINRA license has its own section.
  • Added schools connections section (Uploading schools data at this moment).
  • Fixed styles in GLX dollar page.
  • Fixed the + button on 13 inch page.
  • Updated telephone popover.
  • Added user dates section but only for creation, still missing edit and delete.
  • Alphabetical FINRA Licenses.
  • Added proper aligment in header sections.
  • Fixed registration bug where email was not properly setted correctly.
  • Added change main email option on verified user emails.
  • Added new component schools on profile's page
  • Update new GLX black dollar image for GLX dollar page.
  • Rename the GLX bank page to GLX dollar page.
  • Moved FINRA field to his own section.
  • Add Feature for user to add Dates.
  • Remove user Dates feature.
  • Reworked seeding to be automatically handled.
  • Added new GLX vault page.
  • Fixed condition to brake lines on description field.
  • Move CRD# field to left in the profile page.
  • Improved profile grouping.
  • Added language selector to profile view.
  • Removed seeding files.
  • Added new formating to phone numbers.
  • Fixed eg number on popover phone number.
  • Hide dial code +00 when no dial is selected.
  • Adjust display for company connections.
  • Open ready to edit email field in add email addresses and add websites.
  • Fix icons postion, fix problem with remove recent emails.
  • Added FINRA licenses frontend.
  • Added tsquery method for autocomplete cities.
  • Added cities index.
  • Added new image for GLX dollar page.
  • Add select gender in profile view.
  • Add CRD editable field in profile view.
  • adjust all colums and row borders, remove pending messages.
  • Added query rework for autocomplete cities.
  • Adjusted style for email addresses and limit to 10 the ammount of emails an user is able to add.
  • Add space in company placeholders.

  • Fixed bug for phone numbers with no flag and dial code.
  • Changed labels show more and show less for arrow up and down in description.
  • Added featur to show more or less companies connections in profile view.
  • Adjust tooltip for world flag.
  • Adjust presentation for accreditations selector in profile view.
  • Change Placeholders when an user is adding a new company connection.
  • Reworked country, state, county and city models.

  • Added link to a company in profile's company connections.
  • Added tooltips to company connections action buttons.
  • Added cronjob that will delete all unverified emails once they are expired. 24 hours by default, unless the user verifies it by email.
  • Added spacing between acronym and description in accreditations multiple selector.
  • Fixed style blue and italic company connection and show more.
  • Added Jquery insert before on company connections.
  • Solved flag bug when no phone is selected.
  • Fixed buttons spacing on modal type of person.
  • Fixed selected flags when edited inline is not active.
  • Set is mailing to true when there is no active addresses.
  • Added new empty page glx-vault.

  • Re-write content for glx-dollar.
  • Implemented add, edit and remove company connections on user profile.
  • Implemented show more on company profile, showing 3 by default.
  • Added new link redirecting to poll in typeof person modal.
  • Add search feature in type of person selection.

  • Adjust the styles for company connections and show more.
  • Add arrow for Accreditations dropdown.
  • Increase max-height result set on acreditations dropdown.
  • Company Connections text is italic.
  • Clickable icon plus button on company connections.
  • Adjusted placeholders for addresses.
  • Hide flags if there is no phone selected.

  • Set placeholder to selected city on user addresess.
  • Empty tags edit inplace and uppercase Edit tooltips.
  • Add place holder for select2 multiple, add show more button in companies and adjust add new company, redirect to poll from connect button.
  • Changed glx dollar button to blue.
  • Added blue dividers.

  • Fix bug with city selection display in full address.
  • Fixed checked radio button and improvement to row description and type of person.
  • Adjust buttons styles for display in full name.
  • Added geographies table.
  • Improvements to users addresses.
  • Added releaase notes header.

  • Removed button effect on the GLX-claimed image.
  • Removed central bank section on the GLX dollar page.
  • Join in a single html row description and type of person fields.
  • Finished feature to allow add/update/delete addresses to users profile.
  • Adjust display of full name in profile view.
  • Adjust display of companies info in profile view.
  • Change display and icon of GLX Bank view.

  • Added functionality to allow user create multiple addresses.
  • Session control issues in profile view.
  • Balanced claim profile button.
  • Cleaned duplicate page routes.
  • Added verify email route.

  • Add confirmation dialog box when the user wants to remove an email.
  • Add None option in salutation and suffix dropdown.
  • Adjust styles in full name form.
  • Fixed visual bug in listing view.
  • Added suffixes order.
  • Added loaders to modal views.
  • Added smart loading when fetching person types.
  • Adeed new dropdown to select suffix.

  • Added verification email feature in Front End.
  • Modified the suffix election to show only the acronym after selected.
  • Fixed login validation on wrong user or password.
  • Added hardcoded text to new section career path.

  • Add feature to edit salutation, first name, middle name and last name in profile.
  • Add feature to show and edit suffixes for the user.
  • Individual active user title was removed.

  • Added glx wall street cover.
  • Add user icon and flag icon in profile view.
  • Add salutation to profile name.
  • Added claim profile functionality inside GLX network.

  • Added main email feature.
  • Added feature to add several secondaries email.
  • Added main email feature.
  • Changed left navbar tooltip colors.
  • Added verify email mechanism to secondary email.
  • Created email template for secondary email verification.
  • Added functionality to allow the user to add multiple web sites to your profile.

  • Fixed styles in internal directories.
  • Added number delimiter to directories.
  • User can now add multiples web sites on his profile.
  • Adjusted type of person.
  • Sign up bug fix.
  • Added public companies listing.
  • Added pubic ompanies counter.
  • Fixed directory style bug.
  • Reworkder env variables.

  • Added companies search.
  • Added linking from imported users to respective companies.
  • Added user search.
  • Added a label in the profile that will tell the user if the viewing profile it's claimed or not.
  • Add hover in info rows, add feature to start edition with pencil icon.
  • Add Type of Person modal in profile View.
  • Added addiotional fields to companies.
  • Reworked companies to social repo.
  • Added companies services.
  • Migrated company info to project.
  • Reworked company methods for fetching info.
  • Fixed search location endpoint.
  • Added path in profile home.
  • Fixed avatar gallery bug where default avatar was wrongly presented.
  • Added tooltips on left side navbar.

  • Adjust Forgot your password style in Account settings.
  • Improve style for forgot password modal in Account Settings.
  • Added even spacing on avatar display.
  • Fixed popover width to match.
  • Changed profile popover text.
  • Renamed profile photo texts.

  • Renamed avatar gallery texts to background photo.
  • Added default avatar cropped image.
  • Added the ability to restore the default avatar on avatar gallery.
  • Show dropdown flags "dominican republic" with his three area codes.
  • Add forgot password feature in edit password.
  • Add first name and last name to the editable attributes in profile view.
  • Add edit pencil icon in all editable attributes in profile view.

  • Control user Profile sessionl.
  • Adjustments in profile view.
  • Adjust Birthdate Format in profile view.
  • Add white papper link to bank of GLX view.
  • Add format and flags to telephone fields on profile page.
  • Added email virtual field.
  • Removed email from users and tied in into user emails table.
  • Added email setter/getter to support multiple emails.

  • Fix link in confirmation mail.
  • Remove type of person selection from registration process.
  • Add moment js to configure birthdate.
  • Added correct end session link in collapsed navbar.
  • Added capistrano initial configuration files.
  • Added avatar popover correct sizing.

  • Splitted cover gallery in two additional views.
  • Added cover toggle mechanics.
  • Fixed bug where default glx cover would be able choosable after being selected.
  • Added avatar photo tooltip.
  • Fix hover in profile dropdown menu.
  • Implement editable bootstrap.
  • Add new profile view with information.

  • Added validation when the user is logged in and click the log in button on the loggin page, if is logged in is redirected to profile page.
  • Fixed styles on about page - advertising page and delete account page.
  • Resized glx covers to 1200 x 250 size.
  • Added glx default covers to S3 bucket.
  • Added cover gallery mechanics to enable user default covers when there are no covers.
  • Disable captcha in contact support when the user is logged in.
  • Add change password feature in account settings.
  • Adjust some styles in Account settings view.

  • Added cover bucket for cover storage.
  • Added cover defaults images.
  • Added cover gallery whenever the user tries to change cover.
  • Adjust Account Settings view.
  • add new option in profile dropdown menu (GLX Vault).
  • Adjust profile menu icons.
  • Fixed issue in side bar.
  • Create new page - Invite Friends.
  • add styles to new page glx bank.

  • Added error catcher when contacting CRM.
  • Fixed cover photo exact ratio when cropping it.
  • Added queue system for contact support.
  • Adjust directories view.
  • Add Account Settings view.
  • Delete account poll.
  • User photo css improvement.
  • Change styles on footer pages.

  • Add future feature poll.
  • Redirect any broken link to feature poll view.
  • add new option in profile dropdown menu.
  • Adjust all the labels and headers size for the application directories.
  • Fix brand logo size issue in nav bar, adjuts size for the poll.
  • Added plus photo to adding more images.
  • Added profile picture gallery.

  • Saving ip address when user accepts term and conditions.
  • Increase the width of the search bar on the navbar 10px.
  • Allow to print enter characters on the title of the poll.
  • Improvements of styles to icons on the navbar.
  • Adjustments of style to popover on the search bar on profile page.
  • Relocate and style change cover photo.
  • Add feature in case the user has the default profile image.
  • Added left navbar scrollable.
  • Fixed left navbar styles.
  • Fixed left navbar overflow of elements.

  • On SignUp page the "Already member?" paragraph was centered and the "OR" word was changed to "COMING SOON".
  • On LogiIn page the "Not member?" paragraph was added and the "OR" word was changed to "COMING SOON".
  • Fixed links on the search page, the links now redirect to SignUp page in case that the user is not loggedin.
  • Update icon set to use in application.
  • Adjust main search bar size in logged in view.
  • Make thinner the logged in navbar.
  • Make thinner the logged in navbar.
  • Fixed issue with search bar when a cover photo is uploaded.
  • Change icons set and change notifications color.
  • Change modal to be in the center of the screen for update photo and cover.
  • Change hover in profile picture update.
  • Added thiner arrows on left navbar collapsable.
  • Added spacing in search results.
  • Added total count in results for searches.
  • Added show more paginator in search result.
  • Added divider for collapsable navbar and adjusted arrow level.
  • Added avatar uploading feature to user profile.
  • Fixed bug on the footer in the landing and search results page.

  • Added new view for directories, which show all the stats after you click the directories option in the side nav bar.
  • Added a list of actions on the sidebar of the profile layout. Also added icons.
  • Modified top navbar profile, added home and messages links.
  • Added collapsable left navbar.
  • Added smooth transition to collapsable navbar.
  • Added dynamic poll system in profile, now saving data in the CRM.

  • Added new Captcha when the user tries to send a Support or Contact message. The captcha validates whether or not the user is real.
  • Added search company by name service.
  • Added search company by ticker service.
  • Added ticker listing in search view.
  • Removed gray background from search view, replaced by transparent color.
  • Make the search bar on the profile page the same exact width it is on the homepage.
  • Make the pic of the image in the navbar square.
  • The dropdown on the user icon should display "My Profile - Log Out" options.
  • The divider used to the footer in the profile page change to gray color, the same used on the landing page.
  • The content for the footer is now centered.
  • The links on the footer in the profile page open a new tab when clicked on them.
  • The existing dropdown menu on the navbar was removed.
  • The navbar have three new icons ("Home", "Directories", "Notifications" and "Me"), the "Me" link display a dropdown menu with "My Profile - Log Out" options.
  • The next options on the profile page were deleted: ("The board", "Calendar", "Contact", "File /Photos", "Messenger", "Notes", "Other").

  • Added new Companies info view after search selected.
  • Updated Search bar functionality in logged in view.
  • Show latest info company in companies view (Company name, sector, subsector, Industry, subindustry, exchange, symbol, last price and volume).

  • Added questionnaire to profile view, when the user submit its redirected to thanks view.
  • Added countries and continents as locations in the search bar in the landing page.

  • Added contact support form link to internal CRM.
  • Redirect to thanks for contact view when the user sends the information through the contact form.

  • Add animation to login when an invalid user or password is entered.
  • Add search results view.
  • Look whole app to use the right icons in every view.

  • Capitalized word “Keyword” on search bar - landing page.
  • Added sign up filters to listings - Only required to sign up while entering to country or continent details.
  • Added mail to to person types modal.
  • Confirm password margins to 20px on all sides.
  • Allowed continents and countries listing without logging.
  • Fixed ‘Its free’ image in Safari.
  • Reset password modal title to correct blue (Same as type of person modal title color).
  • Removed dropdown from profile search bar.
  • Password confirm spacing between form and borders on 25px on both top and bottom.
  • Added space in side navbar footer.
  • Remove the last divider line in side navbar footer.

  • Centered buttons in forgot password modal.
  • Added login link to sign up view.
  • Centered forgot password modal.
  • Dropdown-menu was deleted from the landing page, the input search still having the animation.
  • From nav-bar was deleted a link that was causing bad render on safari.
  • On contact view was added a function to stop the submit of the data if the user send incomplete information.
  • Added space and change font style in forgot password modal.
  • Change font style in select type of person modal.
  • Added space and change font style in confirm password modal.

  • Implemented forgot password logic.
  • Added forgot password email template.
  • Added forgot password modal in sign up view.
  • Added align right to continent listing numbers.
  • Added stats for countries.
  • Added country stats display in show country view.
  • Added jquery validation for email field on contact view.
  • Fixed width cover picture on profile view.
  • Center pop up box for type of person.
  • Made higher the pop up box for type of person to show all the options.
  • Added space in password validations.

  • Added #Countries, #SubRegion and #Region to continent listing view.
  • Aligned error bullets on password confirmation with icons.
  • Removed warning from password confirmation.
  • Added “[email protected]” to email signup.
  • Removed via amazonses from email sending.
  • Fixed style in countries view, added white line at bottom of the table.
  • The list of the page in countries view is changed so that all items are displayed as links and if you click one of them, you should be re directed to signup view.
  • The alert message that appear in the signup view was removed.
  • Added text message on red over the email input text, in the same way that appear in the old site.
  • Fixed styles on contact view, the text of the icons was aligned, and the button "send message" was centered.
  • Fixed styles on signup view, added 5px to the padding-top to separate the message from the input email. Also added 32px to padding-left to align the bullet respect to the envelope icon.
  • Added globe icons for continents view.
  • Remove bullet in advertising view.
  • Modified the side nav bar for the application.
  • Added footer in side nav bar.
  • Centered and make small the search bar in the application effing ‘bs’.

  • Removed line from bottom in the landing stats.
  • Changed table headers to new black.
  • Centered contact support action button.
  • Changed contact support icons.
  • Added territory type to show country view.
  • Added glyphicon arrow with tooltip to hide content from continent detail view.
  • Added dynamic link edit wikipedia on continent detail view.
  • Added invalid username or password validation to log in.
  • Added better style to show the “Continue Reading” in country view.
  • Added arrow up to hide text in country view.
  • Added tooltip “Read Less” over arrow to hide text in country view.
  • Update the style to show the map in country view.

  • Added wiki_search field to enable wikipedia descriptions of countries and continents using the adequate criteria.
  • Added wikipedia api to fetch countries and continents descriptions.
  • Added service on platform to fetch descriptions from wikipedia.
  • Added function to show and hide the content from wikipedia on continent details view.
  • Added function to show and hide the content from wikipedia on country details view.
  • Added style to ensure spinner is visible and centered when the picture is changed.

  • Changed letters font from 16px to 14px.
  • Changed footer font-size from 16px to 14px.
  • Changed pagination font-size from 16px to 14px.
  • Removed what is glx? Completely from navbar.
  • Added continents images to s3 bucket.
  • Added continents globe images to s3 bucket.
  • Fixed continents listing style.
  • Added continent display view with data.
  • Change font size on show continents view from 14px to 16px.
  • Countries list added to show continents view.
  • Improvements of styles added to continents view.
  • Added hover feature over the profile picture to change the user picture.
  • Added spinner in profile picture while the request is being processed.
  • Added spinner in cover picture while the request is being processed.
  • Fixed issue with spinner.
  • Fixed color style, all the site have #333 instead of black for text content.
  • Added detail view for countries.
  • Added google maps Iframe to localize the country.

  • Added row highlight to countries listing view.
  • Added click event on row to redirect to country page (Country page WIP).
  • Added pagination in country listing view.
  • Added feature to upload a profile picture in profile view.
  • Updated the styles of the modals in profile view to be coherent with the whole app.
  • Footer component its modified, the code is moved to a new function called relocate_footer this function allow to the pages relocate the footer when the body of the page grows.
  • Continent details view is finished.
  • New route added to route to allow navigation to continent details.

  • Added country flags to country listing.
  • Added region, subregion, continent to countries listing.
  • Added white style for countries listing.
  • Added enrollment email validation.
  • Added signup form styles.
  • Added cover upload feature on profile.
  • Added person type text in the initial profile view, whenever you select from the modal it will update that input.
  • Added united states country on top of the countries list in the initial profile view.
  • Added implementation to change cover in profile view and the possibility to crop an image selected by the user.
  • Fetched missing flags for (available in Amazon bucket):.
    • Akrotiri and Dhekelia.
    • Spratly Islands.
    • Sark.
    • Alderney.
    • Easter Island.
    • Azores.
    • Kingman Reef.
    • Wake Island.
    • Aland Islands.
    • Bassas da India.
    • Tromelin Island.
    • French Southern Territories - Antarctic Lands.
    • West Bank.
    • Tristan da Cunha.
    • Palmyra Atoll.
    • Clipperton Island.
    • Diego Garcia.
    • Coral Sea Islands.
    • Melilla.
    • Bonaire.
    • Madeira.
    • Jarvis Island.
    • Chatham Islands.
    • Saint Barthelemy - St. Barts.
    • Ajaria.
    • Paracel Islands.
    • Ascension Island.
    • Gaza Strip.
    • Europa Island.
    • British Indian Ocean Territory.
    • Navassa Island.
    • Lord Howe Island.
    • Northern Ireland.
    • Howland Island.
    • Sint Eustatius.
    • Zanzibar.
    • Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands.
    • Baker Island.
    • Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
    • Republic of Somaliland.
    • Juan de Nova Island - Saint-Christophe.
    • Johnston Atoll.
    • Zimbabwe.
    • Guadeloupe.
    • Vatican City (Holy See).
    • Bouvet Island.
    • Ashmore and Cartier Islands.
    • Guernsey.
    • Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.
    • Syria, The Syrian Arab Republic.
    • Glorioso Islands.
    • Midway Islands.
    • Guinea-Bissau.
    • Wallis and Futuna Islands.
    • Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of.
    • Micronesia, Federated States of.
    • North Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
    • Brunei, Nation of.
    • U.S. Virgin Islands.
    • French Guiana.
    • Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
    • Congo-Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    • Myanmar - Burma.
    • Falkland Islands (Malvinas).
    • Saint Martin (French part).
    • Faroe Islands.
    • Congo-Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.
    • Gambia, The.
    • Netherlands, The.
    • Palestine, State of.
    • Ireland, Republic of.
    • Saint Maarten (Dutch part).
    • Bahamas, The.
    • Cyprus, The Republic of.
    • Iran, Islamic Republic of.
    • Bolivia, Plurinational State of.
    • Laos, Lao People's Democratic Republic.
    • Macao - Macau.
    • South Korea, Republic of Korea.
    • Tanzania, United Republic of.
    • Cote d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast.
    • Reunion.
    • Saint Helena.
    • East Timor - Timor-Leste.
    • Saba.
    • Heard and McDonald Islands.
    • Ceuta.

  • Added counter in thank you view, set to 10 seconds.
  • Added contact form shimmy.
  • Added logged in navbar.
  • Added search bar.
  • Added dropdown to visit profile and logout.
  • Added profile view (Work Still in Progress).
  • Added sticky footer.
  • Added contact form submit, the information is being saved in a table now.
  • Fixed issue of search bar in safari and firefox, display popover wasn’t correctly displayed.
  • Improvement for responsive search bar on landing page.
  • Fixed paragraph on about page section “our company”.

  • Changed all disclaimer dates to 2017.
  • Removed border color from navbar in about pages.
  • Fixed the link in ‘What is GLX?’ button, redirecting to the about page instead of sign up.
  • Added even bottom spacing to all footer pages.
  • Removed typo on about page.
  • About pages and footer fixed to 16px on font-size.
  • Fixed stats last row, which had different color and size in landing page.
  • Fixed footer gray space when it renders on bigger screens.
  • Fixed contact page title alignment.
  • Added 16px font for contact view.

  • Advertising.
  • Added autosize for advertising image to occupy all screen size.
  • Added computer image that was missing.
  • Change text font to arial.
  • Added responsiveness to component, please try it on a cellphone!.
  • Contact.
  • Added spacing to textarea placeholder.
  • Added button color and correct width 300px.
  • Added header spacing.
  • Removed old glx video unused code.
  • Spacing on “keep me signed in” on login page.
  • Added copyright to login page and sign up page.
  • Styles changes on modal page “term and conditions” based on provided guidelines.
  • Removed pubnub and chat components.
  • Erased a lot of stylesheets not used.
  • Search bar on home shake the search bar, display the select menu and pop up the message when user press the enter key and there is no selection on the dropdown. Its pending the red line border.
  • About Page.
  • Responsive page.
  • Update text for “our company”.
  • Added autosize image to different screens.
  • The text it's already in arial and increases the size to 14px.
  • Added function to open the page at top.
  • Sign Up Page - Slide 4 from 2017-03-07 - Signup Updates.
  • Update text for “Thank you for Signing Up You will use your email address to sign in to your GLX account”.
  • Put a period at the end of “We have sent you a confirmation email. Please click on the link to validate your account.”.
  • The margin of the image “thanks for Signing Up” is reduced, so it creates the same amount of space.
  • Remake of the following pages to be more consistent with design:.
  • Community Conduct.
  • Copyright Policy.
  • Privacy Policy.

  • Added spacing in countries and associations and federations counters in landing page.
  • Changed top navbar color on the about pages to the color from, new color is: #154d86 old color was: #3b5998.
  • Added 10 px to this navbar from 60px to 70px as
  • About pages navbar remake for responsive, try in a cell phone!, was not supported by
  • Complete remake of the user sign up bar.
  • Added footer on all about pages (Advertising, Contact, Policies, etc).
  • Removed unused divs and layouts in application in general.
  • Advertising.
  • Fixed advertising image to correctly resize when screen resolution changes.
  • Terms and service.
  • Removed padding left from terms and service title, now content and title are aligned.
  • Added spacing from terms and service title to content equals to 40px.
  • Added bold to each numeral in the document.
  • Added spacing between numeral and paragraph 20px.
  • Added spacing between paragraphs 20px.
  • Added underline to subitems.
  • About Page.
  • Added footer component.
  • Added margin-left: 7% to div in container image.
  • Modified styles on about component .bg-img-wrapper => height: 590px and background-size: cover, overflow property was deleted.
  • Modified styles on about component .content-with-graph-and-text => padding-top: 0px.
  • Modified styles on about component #about-graph => add property padding-top: 25px.
  • Modified styles on about component #content-text-container => padding-top: 90px, width: 50%, padding-left: 60px, display: flex.
  • Sign up to claim your profile and access the GLX network it already center horizontally and vertically.
  • Input text boxes already have solid blue and white icons.