PALM BEACH, FL – July 12, 2016 – Today GLX announced that they have hired Daniel C. Khoo as Director of Operations / Architecture.

Daniel graduated Rutgers University in 1996 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. For 20+ years he has been a Software Engineer and Solutions Architect most recently serving as VP of Operations and Architecture at YipTV.

“Dan has a strong past working relationship with our new President and CIO, Giancarlo Paolillo. He is a welcome addition to GLX’s senior management team.” said Ronald P. Russo, Jr., Founder & CEO of GLX.

Dan served as one of two primary technologists at YipTV, providing overall design and direction of their platform. Performing dual roles, as VP of Operations & Architecture and Director of Engineering, he led up the operational teams and collaboration with marketing and senior management to move the company portfolio from a single linear solution to a scalable, multi-tiered globally distributed architecture that was capable of supporting growth in any direction the solution required. From the time that Dan started, the company grew from 10 subscribers to over 100,000, most of the subscriber growth coming within six months after deploying the new solution.

Prior to YipTV Dan was with iconectiv (an Ericsson company) and Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) where he was responsible for architecting small to large scale solutions by putting together current, best in class technologies and integrating software and hardware solutions built for scalability and stability. Dan worked with highly scalable data models as data architecture is part of his core competency. He served as the database architect for iconectiv’s Number Portability Clearinghouse solution that has been deployed in over 14 countries. Dan also served as the Sr. Solutions Architect reporting to the Chief Architect for the North American Number Portability Administration Center’s (NPAC) solution that been FCC approved and has since been implemented.

Dan graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering in 1996. He currently resides in New Jersey.