The Global Listing Exchange is the world’s only

Capital Market Directory & Social Finance Network

GLX - Global Listing Exchange™ is building the world's only Capital Market Directory and Social Finance Network at The destination is a global capital market news data portal and ground-breaking financial networking platform.

Our mission is to make the world’s capital markets more transparent, open, and connected.

GLX will revolutionize the way each and every member of the world’s capital markets connects, communicates, shares, and accesses information.

The GLX platform will be developed as a blockchain based distributed network creating the world’s first Global Capital Market Computer. The GLX - DAppExchange ( is GLX’s “decentralized appstore” where anyone can publish DApps that can be used in the GLX ecosystem.

About mantra glx
  • Markets - GLX bridges fragmented markets
  • Communications - a social finance network
  • Data - GLX aggregates disparate data
  • Integrity - GLX allows users to control potential inaccuracies
  • Transparency - GLX delivers a self-policed user regulated platform


GLX, Inc. (“GLX”) is a Nevada C corporation, formed on April 13, 2015. We are in the process of auditing our financial statements and, upon completion, expect to file a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Tier II Reg A+ Crowdfunding offering in the second quarter of 2018. GLX will seek a public market listing shortly thereafter. We currently have the ticker symbol "GLX" reserved with NASDAQ.

Alternatively, GLX may create a security token, representing the equity ownership in GLX, and may work with the necessary regulatory authorities to get approval to trade this security on one, or many, regulated cryptoasset exchanges.

GLX Token


The GLXToken (GLX) is an ERC20 cryptographic token used as the payment protocol on the platform. GLX is launching the Pre-Sale of the GLXToken on Thursday, February 15th and the Token Sale on Monday, March 5th.



GLX has assembled an incredible team with diverse backgrounds in investment banking, technology, media, and publishing. Currently GLX has over 25 employees and contractors with the majority focused on web and technology development.


Ronald P. Russo, Jr., Founder & CEO

Marc Baskin, Controller

David Mauricio Muñoz, Sr Software Engineer

Jose Cardona Garcia, Sr Software Engineer

Christian Camilo Gomez Rua, Database Administrator

Esteban Hurtado Alvarez, Sr Software Engineer

Felipe Alberto Lopez, Data Development

Scott Weiner, Director of Marketing

Hazael J. Dominguez, Marketing

GLX bull app


Vishal Singh, Chief Platform Advisor

Michael J. Piatt, Advisory Board Member

Larry Johnston, Advisory Board Member

David L. Ronn, Advisory Board Member

Barry Romich, Advisory Board Member

Russ Feldkamp, Advisory Board Member


Neeraj S. Srivastava,Chief BlockChain Architect, DLT Labs
Aasim Ali,Chief BlockChain Developer, InnCreTech, LLC